13/2 Hypertension Centre Lane, Dhap, Rangpur

Hypertension and Research Centre, Rangpur is a sister concern of Dr. Wasim-waleda Bahumukhi Kallayan Foundation was established in 14 November 2008 with the aim of improvement of public consciousness on risk factor, morbidity and mortality of Hypertension as a part of a great and services of humanity. Hypertension Kills nearly 8 million people every year, worldwide and nearly 1.5 million people each year in the South-East Asia (SEA) Region. Approximately one third of the adult population in the SEA Region has high blood pressure. Prevalence of hypertension is 20-25% among adult population in Bangladesh. It is one of the 10 leading reported causes of death and about 4.0% deaths are due to hypertension and/or complication of hypertension in Bangladesh.